6th Element Stock Lineup

The Cole Components Shooting Team

Craig Outzen
Craig Outzen3-Gun Pro/Fireman/Paramedic
Craig Outzen is a 20 year professional Fireman/Paramedic with the rank of Captain working for the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) in Salt Lake County, UT, and a Reserve Officer for the Unified Police Department (UPD) as well.

A lifetime firearms enthusiast, he began shooting trap competitively as a young boy. After completing college and establishing his career, he began shooting action pistol matches and eventually his first multigun match in 2005.

Cole Furtney
Cole FurtneyFounder and 3-Gun Competitor
Following his American Dream, Cole started working in the firearms industry in 2011 as an apprentice gunsmith at the age of 14. Ever since, he has immersed himself with firearms, developing innovative solutions to both simple and complex problems.

Graduating from high school in 2015, Cole is excited to continue along the path he loves, while providing great people with the finest products available.